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Taste Yufu's Seasonality

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We serve dinner and breakfast at sister properties TANOKURA and SANTOUKAN. Both of those Ryokan started as RYOUTEI(Japanese traditional restaurants). You may enjoy the seasonal Japanese multi-course meal using finely selected local ingredients. Also we will prepare dishes for you in the private room, so you can have a wonderful dinner or breakfast time only with your accompanies.

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A traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. Main dish is famed local Bungo beef.

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Serving super fresh Seki mackerels and Seki horse mackerels which are caught in Oita.

Seasonal Dishes

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Starting with an assortment of Winter Appetizers,  some Side dishes (flounders, Seki horse mackerels, crab Shabu-shabu), and main dish will be Bungo beef steak. You can enjoy the taste of early spring while winter.

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Side dishes using flounders and celery cabbage, an assortment of spring fishes (red snappers, Seki mackerels, and prawns), and main dish will be Bungo beef grilled in a Ceramic Pan. You can feel spring with the taste and visual of dishes.

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An assortment of summer fishes (Seki horse mackerels, flounders), Dishes of summer vegetables, and main dish will be Bungo beef shabu-shabu.


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We are also serving breakfast which is enable you to taste Yufu's seasonality at sister properties TANOKURA or SANTOUKAN. You can also select morning rice porridge.