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The Way to Enjoy Your Stay

We Ensure You a Delightful Time Here at NANAKAWA

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Once you get to Yufuin station, you can enjoy exploring Yufu's Onsen Town at first. After you had a nice walk around Yunotsubo Kaido (an old street from Yufuin Station to Kinrin lake with many shops and cafes), you will get to Kinrin lake. Once you get to Kinrin lake, Nanakawa is almost there. Entering from the gate standing quietly in the natural green. After having a little break at the lobby, we will take you to a nicely hidden guest room which you are staying.

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  • 回廊

Having a Cup of Japanese Tea and Taking a bath

Passing by some guest rooms which are like annex buildings and getting to your room. The first word might be WOW when you enter the room. You will see the blight room with a double-height structure and the view of a terrace. Modern and Japanese themed room features an inside bath, a terrace with a private open-air hot spring, and maisonettes. After unpacking your baggage, as your choice, it is good to have a chat with a nice cup of Japanese tea or enjoy open-air bath. Don't forget to put YUKATA clothing on after taking a bath to make your Ryokan experience even better!

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  • 客室
  • 客室露天風呂 (2)

Time for Delicious Dinner

  • 玄関前

Putting ZORI(Japanese-style sandals) on and walking around the property in the quiet twilight, then it is time for dinner! You can have dinner at our sister properties TANOKURA or SANTOUKAN. We serve you dinner in the private room, so you can enjoy our entertaining ryokan dinner with your own pace. Why don't you try some Oita local SAKE together?

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  • 食事処(個室)

Enjoy Hot Spring More!

You can also use public baths at sister properties TANOKURA and SANTOUKAN. Both of them have 2 big public bathes which are available 24 hours. 

  • 案内板
  • 大浴場 (4)
  • 大浴場 (3)

Time to Sleep...

After taking a nice bath, you may get sleepy. Going up to second floor in your room, you will find 2 bed rooms. One with 2 comfy single beds and the other one with Japanese traditional FUTON beddings. Please chose whichever you like and have a great night.

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Morning Walk around KINRIN Lake

  • 施設周辺 (3)

If you wake up early in the morning, why don't you start your day by taking a bath or taking a walk to Kinrin lake? 

Healthy Breakfast

  • 料理 (朝食)

One of the highlight at Japanese ryokan is breakfast. We offer you a healthy Japanese breakfast which comes with various kinds of dishes in the private room at either TANOKURA or SANTOUKAN. 

We Are Looking Forward to Serving You!

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